Friday, November 5, 2010


Yes it is currently 1:06 in the morning, and yes I am completing a blog post right now. My friends a floor above me recently began the process of completing a quote "door" in which they post random quotes written upon post it upon their door. In a similar fashion I will post some of my favorite quotes from my college experience on my lovely blog.

Diego:"Your shirt is so red, did you join a Nazi group or something?"
Kim:"No I didn't join a Nazi group..."
Limson:"Oh do you mean the relief society?"

Taylor:"Tanya your leg is so warm!"

Taylor:"Everybody should touch Tanya."

Nacho Libre:"Chancho. When you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room. It's for fun."

Megan: "Can't sleep - but too sleepy to get up and get the drugs. Surely, this is what hell is like."

Megan: "I feel like a butterfly hitchhiking on an airplane."

Megan: "There's no worse feeling than sitting on a warm toilet seat."

Kenna: "Ah, we meet again."

Diego,"What if Limson were black?"
Kinsley,"Then he would look like Michael Jackson."

James,"What if Vance gave birth to a unicorn."
Heather,"Then I would be seriously disturbed!"

You have just experienced some of the most lovely quotes I have experienced in college. I certainly hope you enjoyed them, and got some sort of giggle from them. Perhaps in the future I'll have a new assorted batch of quotes that are possibly profound or life changing, However i seriously doubt that since my friends are the funny sort of people, rather than the profound sort of people. They give Michael Jackson quotes, rather than the quotes given by Ghandi.

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