Saturday, July 31, 2010

Writer's block

Sometimes I have writer's block... thus preventing me from writing a interesting blog piece. I apologize for my lack of engaging ideas and thoughts. Unfortunately my thoughts are swirling in a bit of a haze right now, and they refuse to settle just long enough for me to write a blog post. So until my thoughts stop their thrill ride in my head, I cannot access them to entertain readers. Hopefully you could entertain yourself with a nice snack, or perhaps a relaxing nap. It may be a while before I write something worth reading.

5 days until my birthday

21 days until i move out

23 days until classes start

Friday, July 23, 2010

Final days as a child

While I was at work sorting shoes, a thought hit me like a sledgehammer. I have 13 days of childhood left. I feel a unique link to one of my childhood heroes, Peter Pan. I have a longing to stay a youth forever and never grow up. Already as my days as a child are dwindling I feel the pressures of being an adult. Things like paying for college, living on my own, relying on my own strengths and wits to survive on my own. While I feel prepared from my parent's teachings and example, I am scared to death to become an adult and be responsible for everything. Although I am very excited for some of the perks of being an adult, I wish to be like Sir James Matthew Barrie's legendary character. To stay young forever, to not have a care in the world, except to have fun all the day long. I'll miss my youth days, but I guess I'll need to face my adulthood head on. That must be a big part of becoming an adult. Growing up is a bit frightening, but that's life

Friday, July 9, 2010

When I'm bored

When I'm bored I go through all my old files. Today I found a design I made for the Timpview Video Announcements.

I thought it was way cool when I made it! It took me close to 8 hours to complete it. I may or may have not mimicked the TNT symbol, and changed it for my own personal design. They can't sue me or anything if I changed it right?......

Summer countdown
3 (Basically 2) days until Lake Powell!!!!!

27 days until my birthday

43 days until I move out - I found out who my roommate is today!

45 days until college classes start