Sunday, November 21, 2010

Harry Potter

It seems like everyone is blogging about Harry Potter right now, so I will add my blog to the list of everybody's blog. From the first time I read the Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone, I was hooked. Harry Potter was my favorite book ever. I grew up with the boy, what do you expect. My sister and I even loved playing Hogwarts when we were children. I even convinced myself that when I turned eleven, my acceptance letter to Hogwarts would come, and I would be whisked away to a magical land, wherein my magical training could commence. I looked forward to the quidditch matches I would be involved in, and the hexes I would shoot at my enemies. Sadly, I grew up, and my imaginative relativity quickly became only my imagination. I continued reading however. I read of Harry's tales of fighting Basilisks, winning wild quidditch matches, snogging girls, fighting dragons, Winning triwizard cups, a kind old man named Albus Dumbldore, rivalry battles with Draco Malfoy, also fighting the dark lord Voldemort. I read recently in an article that JK Rowling's Harry Potter series had sold over 400 million books, which made her the first billionaire author ever and the Harry Potter movies, have so far made 5.5 billion dollars, which does not include the first part of movie number seven, and part two as well.
JK Rowling's books also made the number of people that read books, go up. When her first book was released people hardly read at all. During the years that all seven books were written and released, the world saw the number of readers go up drastically. The Harry Potter novels were translated into 67 languages, so it's no wonder why we saw that number go up. Now that all the books have been released the world is seeing the number of readers decline again, which makes me sad. Reading can introduce people to all kinds of wonders.
Now that the Harry Potter books are done, and the movies are almost done, a sadness creeps up my limbs. I'll always have the books and movies yes, but the suspense of when the next movie or book being release is gone. Harry Potter is all grown up, and now I suppose I have to grow up as well. Thank you JK Rowling for introducing me to the wondrous, magical world of Hogwarts, where all things are possible. Thank you Harry Potter, for your brave tales of valor. I'll join you at Hogwarts in my imagination.

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