Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm slowly begninng to hate sports

Don't get me wrong I LOVE sports. I do enjoy watching sports, but the rivalries are draining my love for it. For example I love BYU, but because I love BYU I am expected to hate the U of U. I think the U of U is a fine school, and i think they have fine athletic programs. I was reading some comments on my friend's facebook status about Utah State's win over BYU, and the things this young man was saying about BYU and my religon was terrible. I don't understand how anybody can have such hate and enmity towards a school, and every person that attends that school. I think rivalries could be a fun simple things, but people take them WAY too far. The BYU and U of U rivalry is now completely blown out of proportion, and the people who are participating in the awful fight, frankly need to grow up. People attending and participating in the rivalry are in college, they are seen as adults in the United State's eyes, and they behave like spoiled children. As Elder Quentin L. Cook said in the second session of general conference, "treat ever person as a son and daughter of God. The fact that I am now prone to get in an argument every time my favorite team loses to Utah University, or any sports team in general, has completely ruined the enjoyment of watching sports. Fans all over the world, please... just grow up.

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