Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Family Vaction

Today I got home from my family vacation from Island Park. We left Sunday after my ordination as an Elder, then arrived at my aunt and uncle's house four hours later. we spent the night there, then woke up at 6:30 the following morning. Me, my sister, and my cousin saddled up her horses and helped my uncle round up his cattle. We spent all morning riding horses and rounding up cattle to send to a feeding farm so our fellow Americans can enjoy the privilege of eating meat. After our adventure as cowboys and cowgirls we began driving to the cabin we would stay in for three days. On the way we stopped at Mesa Falls.

After our brief intervention at Mesa Falls, we arrived at our cabin and hour later. Our first night consisted of board games, movies, and food. After our first night in very comfortable beds, we left to go to Yellowstone National Park. It was my fist time going there in almost 10 years. We drove around for hours, visiting various geysers, and watching the geysers spurt water swiftly out of the ground. Then almost immediately as the boiling water reacted with the air, it turned into steam. We even got to watch "old faithful" exploded with a very large geyser. In fact the largest in North America.

After our encounter with Old Faithful we drove another two hours, passing the most beautiful tress and lakes. When you looked at the lake, you couldn't tell when the lake ended and the sky begun. The sky and the mountains were reflected off the water, making the most beautiful image in the lake. On our two hour drive to the upper and lower falls we faced a herd of bison. They decided to ignore the masses of honking cars and walk into the road, backing up traffic for miles.

We finally made it past the bison and proceed to view the upper and lower falls of Yellowstone park. The upper waterfall was a swirling flurry of water, rushing down a 100 foot drop. The lower waterfall was comparable to my favorite waterfall, havasu falls in the grand canyon. The lower fall was at least double the height of its upper counterpart and at least double the ferocity and beauty.

After our visit to the two falls our trip to Yellowstone was over. We survived the herd of bison and the 5/8 of a mile hike to both the falls. we survived at least 6 hours in the car going only 10 miles an hour most of the time. Yellowstone is a beautiful place.

We drove back to our homely cabin and played more board games, then promptly went to sleep. Our eyelids were struggling to stay open after our third game of 1-100. We awoke this morning and drove home! That was my 2010 family vacation.

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