Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ah life

Tomorrow is graduation. It is an odd feeling to be finished with high school. After tomorrow I am no longer a senior in high school, but a freshmen in college. Oh the joys of being a freshman (heavy sarcasm). At least being a freshman won't be as awful the second time through. My voice has already changed, thus reducing the amount of voice cracks, girls are not taller than me anymore, and I am not the scrawny, weak, awkward freshman I was the first time. I'm pretty excited for college. Ogden should be good for me! Hopefully I don't freeze to death up there. Senior Ball was last Friday! It was great! I went with Hilary Ammons! Great Way to finish up my senior year.

Here are my countdowns!

Tomorrow is Graduation!!
8 Days until youth conference at Utah State
47 Days until my Lake Powell trip
71 Days until my 18th birthday
87 Days until i move out
314 Days until i can start my mission papers
436 Days until my 19th birthday and I can go on a mission!!!!!

Do you think I am starting my countdown for my mission too soon?

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