Saturday, April 10, 2010


I honestly think that instead of a heart, I have a baseball pumping blood through my body. I got to watch UVU play a baseball game today, and it reminded me just how much I love this game. Baseball has to be divinely inspired, I mean baseball is the only game on Earth where the object is to get home. I love the mentality behind baseball, you fail about 70% in this game, and that's only if you are good. You just have to man up and keep playing hard, I believe it correlates directly off the baseball field as well. Having the ability to forget your failure and keep working hard to succeed. How can you not love baseball? I don't understand those people who say baseball is boring. If you pay attention, there is so much more excitement and mentally stimulating aspects then in football or baseball. Sure when the pitcher is pitching to the batter the game can move slow, but when the ball is in play it is so much faster than any other game on Earth. Next time you watch a baseball game, I strongly encourage you to pay attention to the little details that make baseball the most exciting game on Earth.

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